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“Please Join Us. We encouraged Gwen to run for County Commissioner because she is the strongest, most committed public servant we know. Whether taking on multi-national energy companies or working with ranchers and rural homeowners in La Plata County, Gwen goes all out to put people first. She’s smart, she’s fair, she’s full of strong core values. Gwen will be a leader for us all.”

Wally White, County Commissioner
Josh Joswick, County Commissioner
Brian O’Donnell, Foundation Director
Susan Davies, Property Manager
Diane Wildfang, Hotel Owner
Lucas Matney, FLC Student
Herb Brodsky, Business Consultant
Julie Cooley, Mortgage Broker
Dave Thomson, Rancher
Anne Markward, Solar Business Owner
Jerry Dickenson , E-commerce
Carol Quintano, Teacher
Rich Podlesnik, FLC Professor, ret.
Sharon Podlesnik, Retail
Beth Lamberson, Entrepreneur
Bonnie Schmidt-Cabrera, Former Prosecutor
Jeanne Costello, Retail
Jack Scott, Rancher
Brian Brown, Property Manager
Bruce Bransom, Teacher, ret.
Laura Bransom, Nurse, ret.
Jennifer Wrenn, Retail
Regina Wells, Art Teacher, woodworker
Polly Morgenstern, Attorney, ret.
Ellen Babers, Communications Consultant
Marilyn McCord, Software Engineer, ret.
Elaine Slade, School Counselor, ret.
Morgan deHaro-Brown, Law Student
Sweetie Marbury, Teacher, ret.
Tom Morrissey, Consultant
Alison Dance, Restaurant Owner
Susan Dahl, Small Business Owner
DeeDee deHaro-Brown, Teacher, ret.
Jerry Brown, Cartographer
Allison Morrissey, Student
Marikay Shellman, Rancher, Artist
D.E. McGill, Rancher, Farmer, ret.
Shan Wells , Political Cartoonist
Regina Wells, Art Teacher, Artist
Tom Morrissey, Process Management Consultant
Marsha Cohen, Teacher, ret.
Kelly Rogers, Light and Sound Engineer
BJ Boucher, Educator, ret.
Sienna Wells, Student, Animas High
Anish Wells, Student, Animas High
Joe Griffith, Physical Chemist
Dianne Donovan, Nurse Anesthetist
Jim Fitzgerald, Rancher, Teacher, ret.
Terry Fitzgerald, Rancher, Nurse, ret.
Doreen Hunter, Professor
Susan Koonce, Educator, ret.
John Lyons, Scientist, ret.
Rebecca Koeppen, Artist
Gary Wallace, Field Service Rep
Dinah Swan, Educator, Writer
Sandy Bielenberg, Teacher, ret.
Ross Worley, Retired
Janine Fitzgerald, Farmer, Professor
Katherine Barr, Midwife
Julie MacCluskey, Nurse Practitioner
Linda Barnes, Midwife
Douglas Walker, Small Business Owner, Writer
Frances Dance, Health Care
Sage Douglas Remington, Community Organizer
Denise Bohemier, Rancher
Caye Geer, Psychotherapist
Debra Greenblatt, Artist
Mary Karraker, retired
Steve Berwick, Wildlife Biologist
Dick White, Professor, ret.
Matt Sheldon, Consultant
Faye Schrater, Professor, ret.
Chad MacCluskey, Musician
Kirk Komick, Hotel Owner
DeVere Keen Gamble
Maggie Bowes, Teacher
Calixto Cabrera, Vietnam Vet, ret.
Fred Wildfang, Writer
Kathleen Adams, Non Profit Director
Dick Dahl, Entrepreneur
Louise Edwards, Naturopathic Doctor
Gordon Rodda, Zoologist
Tom Givon, Rancher
Betsy Janeczek, Teacher, ret.
Bliss Bruen, Educational Consultant
Renee Rondeau, Biologist
Jim Judge, FLC Professor, ret.
Julianne Ward, Social Worker, ret.
Ed Lehner, ISU graphic designer
Lisa Sumi, Scientist
Dan Randolph, Non Profit Director
John Condie, Professor, ret
Wanda Ellingson, Professor, ret
Deborah Uroda, Public Relations Pro
Gail Harriss, Attorney
Rosemarie Owens, Teacher
Chuck Wanner, Non Profit Coordinator
Laura Godfrey, Retired
Pam Joswick, Teacher, ret.
Erin Murphy, Sustainable Development Spec.
Daniel Farmer, Attorney, ret.
Ilana Stern, Climate Scientist
Caroline Arlen, Writer, Editor
Brandon Donahue, Retail, Photographer
Aubrey Donahue, Artist
Katie Waller, Small Business Owner
Margaret Wanner, Professor
Patrick Owens, Teacher
Lois Carpenter, Homemaker
Karen Phelan, Customer Support, Mercury
Mary Irby, Educator, ret.
Britt Bassett, Solar PV Engineer
Mark Sels
Cherry Miloe, Teacher, ret.
Susan Wise, Artist
Andy Kraftheker, Marine Engineer
Ted Zerrer, Chiropractor
John Gamble, Retired
Wendy McDermott, Ecohydrologist
Ken Carpenter, Retired
Rose Chilcoat, Non Profit
Randy Seibel, Construction
Elsa Jagniecki, Sustainability Consultant
Owen Tallmadge, Small Business Owner
Melyssa Watson, Non Profit Director
Trisha Rickey, Behavior Therapist
Andrew Kayner, Retail
Shaila Van Sickle, FLC Professor, ret.
Richard Emmett, Attorney
Enid Brodsky, Business Consultant
Suzanne Tyrpak, Writer
Tim LaFrance, Attorney
Sandy Berman-LaFrance, Educator
Jeff Wise, Artist
Deborah Demme, Retail Owner
Keta Seibel, Bookkeeper
Sarah Musil Burris, Landscape Business
Shelley Silbert, Non Profit
Peggy Redford, Massage Therapist
Dave Black,
Holly Rankin, Home Inspector
John D. Heavenrich, Attorney, ret.
Jim Callard, Retired
Liza Tregillus
Bruce Baizel, Attorney
Krista Harris, Artist
Missy Gosney, Grant Writer
Quincy Buickerood, Student
Kim Morton, Life Coach
Andree Stetson, Teacher
Michael Lee, Contractor
Jeff Berman, Solar PV Designer
Katharine Roser, Non Profit Director, ret.
Peter Schertz, Business Owner
Peter Tregillus, Non Profit Developer,
Dawn Farrington, Human Services
Kim Grillos, Hair Designer
Mary Oswald, Occupational Therapist
Heather Erb, Realtor
Harry Riegle, Optometrist
Lissa Ray, Business Owner
Jim Fuge
Karen Campbell
Pam Kautter
Tami Graham
Jack Morrison
Jimbo Buickerood
Marybeth Morin
Werner Heiber
Elizabeth Collins
Pat Rustad

She has really done her homework.

I just met Gwen while I was out on the corner of Main and Camino Del Rio yesterday w/ my Barack 2012/Michelle 2016 sign. She was waving election signs after coming off of a full day meeting and greeting people and was still going strong at 5:45 pm.! On energy alone she will win this county commish.position. She had a great can do attitude and I identify with many of her positions,…she really has done her home work! She’s got my vote!

Jim Fuge

Her commitment is exemplary.

I have worked with Gwen for over 10 years. Her commitment to helping people strengthen laws to protect them, and navigate government decision making is exemplary. As County Commissioner, she will be a powerful – and thoughtful – voice for the County and it’s residents.

Karen Campbell

As a parent, I know the future I envision…

As a parent I know the future I envision for my son will be best carried forward by Gwen Lachelt with her ability to build consensus around the important local issues of environmental health, prosperity and sustainability.

Jimbo Buikerood

La Plata County needs a champion…

La Plata County needs a champion for all who love our quality of life!

Werner Heiber

Gwen Lachelt is a person who does her work based on principles.

For as long as I have known Gwen, and that is over 25 years, I have had the privilege of watching a person do her work based on her principles. And as close as I can tell, those principles are: working with those who are getting run over by the powerful, whether that is government or large corporations; standing up and speaking truth to that power; knowing that the wealth and well being of a community lies in its people. I can truly say that Gwen is one of the bravest, most honorable people I know. I am proud to call her ‘Friend’ and will be even prouder to call her ‘Commissioner’.

Josh Joswick

Gwen Lachelt is capable of leading and is passionate about fairness…

We have known Gwen for more than twenty years and we cherish her friendship. She is thoughtful, perceptive, and passionate about justice and fairness. She will make a wonderful Commissioner. She is
capable of leading us out of the dark icy polar night in which this county is currently enshrouded

Jim and Terry Fitzgerald

I have had the privilege of working with Gwen for ten years.

While some might call Gwen an “environmentalist” that label does not fit. Gwen is driven by a desire to strengthen community health, which includes quality of life, character and integrity of place, and yes, an environment that supports healthy citizens and a vibrant local economy.

Gwen builds community by encouraging citizens to participate in decision-making processes that affect their lives. She is a model “engaged citizen.” I’ve been with Gwen when she has met with ranchers and gas companies, spoken at county commission meetings, participated in state-level stakeholder meetings, and expressed community concerns to federal legislators.

Gwen also builds community by bringing together people who may not always see eye-to-eye, facilitating dialogue and looking for common ground.

That Gwen is willing to devote her energy to supporting just one community, our community, is a gift to La Plata County.

Lisa Sumi

I have known Gwen since she was an undergraduate at FLC.

Over the years she has built an impressive record of public service. As the founder and director of OGAP she has earned a national reputation as an effective advocate for sensible and forward-looking policies on the important issue of oil and gas regulations. Her vision for La Plata County is based on years of hard work mastering the many and complex issues essential to promoting sustainable growth. Her skill and tactfulness in working with others to resolve differences and build consensus have been one of the keys to her success. Everyone who has ever worked with her can testify to her courage, her integrity and her happy spirit. When I learned that she was running for a seat on the Board of County Commissioners I was delighted. She is a candidate whose leadership we can believe in – principled, fair, and deeply caring about the future of our county.

Doreen Hunter

I have known Gwen for well over 25 years, and know her very well.

I strongly support her for La Plata County Commissioner in the 2012 election. With her integrity, intelligence, passion for her community and her family and friends, she has all of the abilities to serve her fellow citizens in this capacity. Gwen cares deeply about the issues facing all of us, and I care deeply about Gwen.

Pat Rustard

On March 17, the La Plata County Democratic Party voted by unanimous acclamation to make Gwen Lachelt the official candidate for La Plata County Commissioner in District 2.

In accepting this endorsement, Lachelt stated:
“I believe government must serve the people; must mediate the competing interests of citizens, local businesses and non-local corporations; and must inspire long-term planning and thinking. La Plata County has suffered a collapse of long-term planning and decision-making for the common good…With your support, I will restore trust and confidence in our county government.”