Letter writer wrong on county spending

August 22, 2016

Durango Herald, August 20, 2016, by Josh Joswick

Opponents manufacture issues based on innuendo and misrepresentation of facts

Chad Fox’s letter to the editor (Herald, Aug. 14) is typical of what readers can expect from opponents of La Plata County Commissioners Gwen Lachelt and Julie Westendorff in this year’s election: manufactured issues based on innuendo and misrepresentation of facts.

Fox attempts to create a scenario in which the current county commissioners are seen as having been unthinkingly profligate in their use of taxpayers’ dollars.

He attempts and fails, and here’s why:

Such a keen observer of county decisions and direction is no doubt aware that plans for changing uses of the courthouse building, and for relocating departments were begun, talked about, revised and advanced through the 2000s. These were done by previous boards of county commissioners, most of whom were predominantly, proudly conservative.

These commissioners saw the need to establish what they knew was a prudent path to accommodate necessary expansion in a growing community, and that included dealing with the federal government.

This direction was met with general support in the community, and seen as a much needed addition to business and life in our county.

Now, Fox did get this part right: The fruition of years of planning and negotiations of this effective bipartisan initiative occurred on this current board’s watch.

If Fox had so much concern about this, the time to raise those concerns was years ago. If this was that important, where were the blustering, blistering assaults when this was in the formative stage?

There was very little negative said about it, and that was not because people were not aware this was happening. But remember, if this is not brought up now, that would mean having to fabricate some other campaign issue, a difficult task at best in the light of currently four years of effective, bipartisan governance.

So readers can expect to see more letters that make up false scenarios and place false blame, and can expect those who know the facts of the matter to continue to set the record straight.

Josh Joswick


Editor’s note: Josh Joswick was a La Plata County commissioner from 1993 to 2005.