Long Range Planning

Responsible Government and Long Range Planning

Our county population is projected to explode from our current 54,000 residents to an estimated 85,000 by 2035. To preserve our county’s beauty and health, to keep this home to both wild life and ranchers, to attract high quality employers, we need to plan carefully.

Without long-term planning, every decision is a decision all by itself; we don’t learn from our failures nor build on our successes.

  • I actively pushed the County to re-engage with creating a comprehensive plan. The Planning Commission is now doing so, with active citizen support.
  • I supported the creation of the La Plata County Water Advisory Commission to aide the county both in planning for, and protecting, our waters.
  • I sponsored the Public Lands Resolution, which passed unanimously, calling for maintaining federal ownership of our public lands.
  • I advocated strongly in DC for passage of the Hermosa Creek Watershed Protection Act, critical to our tourism industry.
  • I supported convening a Fiscal Sustainability Steering Committee to help the commissioners plan for the county’s financial future.

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